Endorsed Partners

The endorsed partners of Gold Cross have been specifically selected with you in mind, with the benefits extending to you, your team and your business.

These partners have been selected through a careful and considered process comprised of 3 key components:

  •  Relevance to the pharmacy profession
  •  The benefit to PGA members
  •  The support provided to the PGA for their advocacy work

Explore each partner below to find out what’s in it for you, and to find how you can take advantage today. 


The Original Pharmacy Jelly Bean & Bears

For over 80 years, Australians have been buying their favourite jelly beans from their favourite pharmacy. Proudly Australian-owned, a little-known fact is those jelly beans have been giving back to the pharmacy profession since 1941 too. Now  Vegan friendly and sharing the shelf with Glucojel bears, Australians can also choose to buy in bulk, choose their favourite flavour, or pick up a small travel bag, with the mixed beans available in 70g, 150g and 1kg bags,  Red Only and Black only beans available in  150g and bears available in 150g bags too.

Not only have Australians been making decades of sweet memories with Glucojel,  whether it was Dad’s secret weapon for a pick-me-up from the sidelines, Mum’s sick day go-to, or Nanna’s surprise, but many pharmacists have their own Glucojel memories to look back on fondly. Whether it was looking back to the first bag you sold,  or the average 47% profit margin made across the range (based on current RRP), Glucojel is sure to bring a smile to the face of any self-respecting Australian Pharmacist.

We’re proud to be supporting community pharmacy, and all money raised by Glucojel assists the PGA in their advocacy work for community pharmacy, in turn directly benefitting the health and wellbeing of all Australians. The advocacy work of the PGA includes Community Pharmacy  Agreement negotiations, expanding Vaccination Services, reducing the cost of the General Patient co-payment and safety net and much more. The real benefit for the members is the work that is done behind the scenes for community pharmacy by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PGA). The proceeds made from Glucojel provide the PGA with the ability to work on behalf of the pharmacy profession to ensure the profession is visible and the needs of the profession are heard and supported.



Glucojel Products

Glucojel Jelly Beans

Glucojel Jellybeans

Glucojel Bears

Glucojel Bears