Our Charter

Gold Cross Products & Services is a fully owned subsidiary of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and endorses pharmacy products and services badged with the Guild's logo.

  • Provide members with endorsed products and services
  • Strategic imperatives focus on Confectionery (Glucojel), Publications (ITK), Endorsements (Products and Services), and the Gold Cross Brand

The use of the Gold Cross has been used by Guild members for over fifty years in many ways:

  • As a painted or illuminated sign for identification outside or inside pharmacy
  • As window transfers
  • On labels for dispensed medicines
  • Inclusion in personal identification signs used in a member’s practice
  • Paper bags
  • Pharmacy stationery
  • Name badges 

Approved providers of products and services also use the Gold Cross.

The Guild's Gold Cross logo is the ONLY logo in Australia that represents community pharmacy:

  • There is no discrimination or bias with the use of the logo
  • It has a number of strong positive associations around medicines and ‘personal advice'
  • Recognition of one-on-one advice and information
  • 'Special services' related to medicine
  • Customer benefits of safety, control, confidence and positive health outcomes

The Gold Cross device is increasingly viewed as the definitive symbol for quality care and advice on medicines.

Endorsed products and services branded with the Gold Cross are working well to drive both recognition and positive associations for the Gold Cross symbol and brands displaying the symbol.

We encourage all Guild members to support the Gold Cross branded products as monies generated directly assist The Pharmacy Guild of Australia. The Guild is committed to supporting and maintaining the community pharmacy model as the most appropriate and efficient system of delivering medicines, medication management and related services to the Australian public.


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