Supporting the profession that supports you.


All profit supports the Pharmacy Guild of Australia in their advocacy work for
Australian community pharmacy, while keeping membership fees low.





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Gold Cross Products & Services is a fully owned subsidiary of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and endorses pharmacy products and services badged with the Guild’s logo.

  • Provide members with endorsed products and services
  • Strategic imperatives focus on Confectionery (Glucojel), Publications (Australasian Pharmacy), Endorsements (Products and Services), and the Gold Cross Brand


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What's new


Operating since 2016, the Company has developed a Cold Chain Management Solution (CCMS) suite called Callisto that is being utilised in commercial kitchens, medical research facilities, pharmacies and hospitals across Australia.

The Callisto device suitable for Pharmacies is a small, discreet temperature monitoring box that, once placed inside a drug fridge, gathers temperature data from that fridge in real time, alerting a user to any anomalies in the temperature of that fridge as they occur. The Callisto device can monitor temperatures as low as -80º Celsius, making it ideal for monitoring temperature sensitive drugs like vaccines.

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