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Pharmacists are busy people. Increasingly looking to electronic formats to gather and source valuable information regarding a range of topics, categories and pharmacy related issues that impact finances, resources and ultimately growth of pharmacy. Key strategic partners in each pharmacy is the many direct and indirect pharmaceutical suppliers that work with pharmacy groups to deliver products and services in a timely fashion.

ITK Connect is a succinct electronic medium designed to interface with pharmacists in an uncluttered and purposeful manner to position content to the profession effectively. The primary objective is to position content from companies directly to pharmacists in a timely and consistent format electronically.

ITK Connect at a Glance


Pharmacist only and may subscribe at no charge.


ITK Connect contains a proportion of Editor driven editorial. The remaining information will be positioned from pharmaceutical companies and secondary sources. Information included will extend to news, events, professional updates and category information directly from pharmaceutical companies and associated partners. Each edition of ITK Connect will feature a leading story, supported by topical content dependent on the season.


ITK Connect is designed to provide an uncluttered approach to pharmacist communication. Therefore, fewer messages delivered regularly to pharmacists is our goal.


ITK Connect will be distributed on the alternate month to ITK. The first edition of ITK Connect is March 2015.

ITK Connect Journey


ITK Connect Journey

ITK Connect Journey 1